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Play Information
Compile / Testing
Designer Notes
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Title Even Flow
Filename evenflow.bsp
Author Indigo
Description CTF with lasers, similar to openfire.
Additional Info You can find me in #demodevil on the IRC server GamesNET


Many thanks to Mulchman for the template for this file and for help with mapping. Thanks to Holygoat for wildsky! Yay for you!
Thanks also to all the [cDD] guys who helped me playtest.

Play Information

Single Player Negative
Deathmatch Negative
Cooperative Negative
Team Fortress Classic Yes Baby, YES!
Difficulty Settings Negative
New Sounds Yes
New Textures Negative
Size Medium
Recommend # of players 12 - 16


Base Scratch
Editor used Worldcraft v2.1
Known Bugs None. (I hope)
Build Time 1 hour

Compile / Testing

Machine P266 with TNT
Compile Time
Total less than one hour

Designer's Notes

Pretty much like Openfire, defending it should be interesting.


Put everything into your half-life\tfc\maps directory.

Copyright and Permissions

This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet, BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the name evenflow.bsp and is supplied in a zip file called that also contains this text document and no other files. Also, if you wish to put it on a publication (ie: Magazine, CD-ROM), please send me a copy also. My email is listed above.

© Copyright 2000 Indigo